Our workshops

Experiential learning is the best way to embrace the lagom lifestyle. Our workshops are designed and customised according to your preference. We can conduct a session at a location of your choice or at our home studio in the East. Learn what are the essential oils suitable for your needs as well as how to include more natural products in your personal routines. 

We have conducted workshops for birthdays, bachelorette parties and family events for all ages. We have also worked with companies such as Honestbee, Naiise and Itchy Fingers Singapore. Follow us on Instagram to get more updates!


Price List

Child-safe Hand Sanitizer or Insect Repellent from 30/pax
Linen and Pillow Mist + Lip Balm from 40/pax
Natural Hand and Body Wash from 50/pax
Eco Scented Wax Tablets from 70/pax
Eco Lotion Bars from 85/pax



* Minimum of $350 to start a workshop


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