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Scented Wax Tablets

From our best-selling workshop and handcrafted with a blend of therapeutic grade essential oils to refresh the scent in your home. Each handmade wax tablet is created to last. Used as a sustainable form of air-freshener, they can be hung or placed in any indoor area. Reuse them by dripping a few drops of your own essential oils on the dried flowers! Comes in assorted designs with a choice of Lavender/Peppermint/Lemon/Eucalyptus scents. (SGD15 each)


Eco-friendly lotion bars

Our lotion bars are packed filled with therapeutic grade essential oils and organic ingredients. Made in small batches, they are essential additions to your daily wellness routine or your winter holiday. Each piece can last you for about 2 months. Simply rub the bar all over your body after a shower. (SGD20 for two)

Choose from:

  • shea butter + lavender

  • mango butter + lavender

  • cocoa butter + activated charcoal + orange


Aromatherapy oil rollers infused with crystals

Our mini collection is made up of a series of recipes that target certain symptom you might be facing. Infused with crystals, they are also designed to attract positive energies while healing at the same time. (12ml for SGD18)

Choose from:

  • Balance- to alleviate anxiety and uplift mood

  • Stress-less- to rejuvenate and reduce tension

  • Grounded- to focus and help stimulate mental power

  • Relief- to support easy breathing and awaken mind

Pair the oil rollers with one of our best-sellers. The jade roller (SGD22) or rose quartz roller (SGD 38) help to increase lymphatic drainage, and aid in the absorption of your moisturizers/serums.


Reed diffusers crafted with 100% pure essential oils:

No more overpowering synthetic scents. These reed diffusers are made from natural ingredients, and will last between 1.5 month to 3 months.

Choose from 2 sizes: 50ml or 100ml (SGD22/SGD40)

  • rose + lemon

  • vanilla + pine

  • peppermint + lime