Singapore, my home

Sounds rather like a cheesy title, but this August is a month of celebrations with many happy things that are ongoing at the moment.

Firstly, it's Singapore's birthday! We often take our independence and general safeness for granted, and that is really no wonder, with (almost) clean governance and low corruption rates in the uppermost tier of the political hierarchy. But I read up so much on what is going on around us- the complexities of the ongoing crisis in the Middle East, the farce in USA, and our nearest neighbours constantly pushing us to a corner; and I become so thankful for what we have. Yes, we are not perfect- our self-entitlement, elitism within the upper rungs of even the public service and xenophobic reactions to our foreign counterparts make us rather unkind people sometimes. BUT yet, I am sitting here in my cozy HDB apartment, with the liberty to type out my thoughts and air my views without a care for hunger or my safety. We have indeed, come a very long way. So in line with my mantra to be more positive about things, I am thankful.

In that same celebratory way,  a client contacted me about an event and I had my very first hen's party held at friend's place! It was a small private workshop session, and I never had more fun getting to know the ladies, and hearing their little banters to each other, all just enjoying the quiet therapeutic moments that the session allowed us.

And fingers crossed, if nothing goes wrong, something really big will also be happening this month, YAY! 




The collaboration with Naiise workshops has started over a 5-part series where I am continually meeting new faces, maintaining the friendship with some, as well as honing my skills. It was (is) an amazing journey, not only passing on my knowledge about candle making (which I admit, is still a long process in the making) as well as learning new tips and tricks from the hobbyist and candle enthusiasts who have signed up with me. 

I'm not sure if this is something I can do long-term, given how it can be rather erratic, and unstable, but at this point, it is a start. And it is encouraging to see the results of the hard work put in.

Some people have asked me how do I find time, amidst my work, to experiment and make all the products on the site as well as... sleep. The answer is simple. I gave up entertainment. I no longer watch my videos or television series, although admittedly, I have lost interest in them too, so it was no big loss on my part. I also have no children kekeke, except for my two furbabies, so really, time isn't the biggest issue I am facing. The biggest issue, well, I shall discuss it in a later post. But till then, thank you for the support, really. Every kind word or action goes such a long way in encouraging start-ups, and I have had my fair share of meeting so many angels on this journey.

Here's a simple recipe today that I am sharing, which I have just completed (good for a week or two). Recipe is adapted from

Homemade Natural Toothpaste

  1. 1/3 cup baking soda
  2. 1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt (I used Himalayan sea salt instead)
  3. 1 teaspoon organic vanilla extract or 7-8 drops of essential oil such as peppermint/orange/lemon)
  4. Distilled water (add till you are satisfied with the consistency of the mixture

Mix ingredients 1-3 first.  Add in the distilled water at the end. Stir till a consistent texture is reached. AND VOILA! 

If you have any questions about why certain ingredients are used, feel free to contact me! 



An exciting new phase

Well, if you have been following our social media, you'll know that the month of July has been SUPERBLY busy. We have collaborated with Naiise to bring about a series of workshops that are perfectly catered to all age groups. It has been a very different experience, liaising with the Naiise Team and creating sessions that would bring about meaningful learning to all.

We have just concluded our first of the series and it was so enriching to have all 8 ladies come together with a common goal to create and learn. I hope that they not only take away the skill to make the wax tablets, but also the sustainability concept behind lagom where we can make beautiful things, and also go green at the same time. 

Here are some photos taken this afternoon.




If you are interested in having a private workshop for your family or friends, you can always contact us to find out more, or click here!


Kids. And life.

My sister-in-law had kindly engaged me to conduct the DIY hands-on session with Gemma (my niece) and her friends as part of her birthday activity. While I have conducted classes with primary school students, it was the first time I did it with precocious children only nine years of age. However, I am really thankful for the opportunity as it gave me a chance to really work those classroom management and voice projection skills. It was chaotic, it was noisy, it was loud, it was messy. And it was fun.

A few shots as evidence of the battlefield today:


I think working with children has its benefits (despite the lack of peace!) because they bring so much to the table. While they learned what went into their hand sanitizers, and how using natural products helps keep them healthier, I relearned how to relax, be in the moment and just forget about work woes.

It has been a really hard week, getting bad news from the workplace. Life goes on yes, but it does not mean that I have to be defeated. I can and I should be fighting back, if not, where is the meaning in anything? Thus, today's session has yet again reminded me of what is important in life, and where my values stand. I hope your weekend has started well, and the new week will be a great beginning too!

Friends. Perfect Strangers.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the concept of friendship as well as the fate that kind of binds you with people you meet and interact with. There's a idea that has been going around about how you will lose most of your friends by the time you hit 30. Looking back, and evaluating my life, now that I have hit the big 3-0, I think that's pretty true.

In my teens, and early twenties, I used to be proud of the fact that my Friendster and subsequently, Facebook account had thousands of friends, many of whom left testimonials (ah, the good ol' days) and tagged photos, with ongoing conversations on the wall. I lived for that, I cherished every single private message and even saved some of the more special ones. It was the era where the value of your self-esteem was achieved through how many friends were made, how many pokes were exchanged and how many testimonials were written. 


But now, with the onslaught of work, and just being plain tired and jaded to do much else, getting my ass off to meet up with friends whom I have lost connection with has been pretty tough. Even the gold-star-bestest-buddy-platinum-level friends have been relegated to a schedule that only includes them once in a year, or bi-annually if we are lucky. It isn't for the lack of trying. Sometimes, it gets pretty difficult trying to work out a timing that suits everyone, and the friendship falls between the cracks. I am thus really grateful for the few groups that insist on monthly (god-forbid!) or bi-monthly gatherings, and the incessant chatter on Whatsapp.

So, at 30, it is safe to say that I have about 5-6 really tight-knit groups of friends (from church secondary school, junior college, university and my workplace) that have my back. And looking at it, having 5 to 6 groups is really lucky. If you had the chance to re-evaluate your friendships, who would make the cut? Who wouldn't? It is a great question to ponder upon.