DIY Lavender Face and Lip Sugar Scrub

It’s been a hectic hectic 2019, and neglecting this journal space has been a worry on my mind. So here’s a DIY recipe that I want to share, which I’ve been using amidst my busy schedule.


  1. 35g raw coconut sugar (can be substituted with fine brown sugar)

  2. 15g jojoba oil (can be substituted with coconut oil but it’s oilier)

  3. 8 drops of therapeutic grade lavender essential oil ( I use Young Living)


  1. Mix all ingredients into an empty glass container.

  2. Scoop out a teaspoon and gently scrub after cleansing.

  3. Exfoliation can be done every 3-4 days. This amount can last about a month. Store in a dry place.

And there you have it!


The collaboration with Naiise workshops has started over a 5-part series where I am continually meeting new faces, maintaining the friendship with some, as well as honing my skills. It was (is) an amazing journey, not only passing on my knowledge about candle making (which I admit, is still a long process in the making) as well as learning new tips and tricks from the hobbyist and candle enthusiasts who have signed up with me. 

I'm not sure if this is something I can do long-term, given how it can be rather erratic, and unstable, but at this point, it is a start. And it is encouraging to see the results of the hard work put in.

Some people have asked me how do I find time, amidst my work, to experiment and make all the products on the site as well as... sleep. The answer is simple. I gave up entertainment. I no longer watch my videos or television series, although admittedly, I have lost interest in them too, so it was no big loss on my part. I also have no children kekeke, except for my two furbabies, so really, time isn't the biggest issue I am facing. The biggest issue, well, I shall discuss it in a later post. But till then, thank you for the support, really. Every kind word or action goes such a long way in encouraging start-ups, and I have had my fair share of meeting so many angels on this journey.

Here's a simple recipe today that I am sharing, which I have just completed (good for a week or two). Recipe is adapted from

Homemade Natural Toothpaste

  1. 1/3 cup baking soda
  2. 1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt (I used Himalayan sea salt instead)
  3. 1 teaspoon organic vanilla extract or 7-8 drops of essential oil such as peppermint/orange/lemon)
  4. Distilled water (add till you are satisfied with the consistency of the mixture

Mix ingredients 1-3 first.  Add in the distilled water at the end. Stir till a consistent texture is reached. AND VOILA! 

If you have any questions about why certain ingredients are used, feel free to contact me! 



Hello, and welcome.

Ah, it feels good to write again. Being able to do it here, reminds me of the times when I blogged almost every day, details down to the mundane. It was wordpress and blogspot then. When the posts were lost due to changes to the web hosts, I was devastated. Here's hoping that with this domain, everything will remain.

Well, that's me. Off on a tangent. The icon you just clicked on was (is) me on my wedding day three years ago. Even then, I was always in love with DIY and crafting. With the help of my lovely friend @knottedbows, we made the bouquets for my wedding, and the corsages for the groomsmen. I guess venturing into essential oils and beauty care seemed the next step, especially when my sensitive skin always flared up with a change in the environment. I was introduced to Young Living by my awesome friend and colleague @un.masque and have since explored the realms of Wild Products Singapore and Aura Cacia. 

I just wanted to welcome you, the reader, to my humble blog with this really short post. To also lessen any confusion, I’m the wife, Carol, of the husband and wife team. I create. The husband provides logistical and marketing advice, as well as the occasional muscle.  

To end off, here's one super simple way that I have incorporated essential oils into my everyday routine.

Peppermint massage recipe