Singapore, my home

Sounds rather like a cheesy title, but this August is a month of celebrations with many happy things that are ongoing at the moment.

Firstly, it's Singapore's birthday! We often take our independence and general safeness for granted, and that is really no wonder, with (almost) clean governance and low corruption rates in the uppermost tier of the political hierarchy. But I read up so much on what is going on around us- the complexities of the ongoing crisis in the Middle East, the farce in USA, and our nearest neighbours constantly pushing us to a corner; and I become so thankful for what we have. Yes, we are not perfect- our self-entitlement, elitism within the upper rungs of even the public service and xenophobic reactions to our foreign counterparts make us rather unkind people sometimes. BUT yet, I am sitting here in my cozy HDB apartment, with the liberty to type out my thoughts and air my views without a care for hunger or my safety. We have indeed, come a very long way. So in line with my mantra to be more positive about things, I am thankful.

In that same celebratory way,  a client contacted me about an event and I had my very first hen's party held at friend's place! It was a small private workshop session, and I never had more fun getting to know the ladies, and hearing their little banters to each other, all just enjoying the quiet therapeutic moments that the session allowed us.

And fingers crossed, if nothing goes wrong, something really big will also be happening this month, YAY!