Kids. And life.

My sister-in-law had kindly engaged me to conduct the DIY hands-on session with Gemma (my niece) and her friends as part of her birthday activity. While I have conducted classes with primary school students, it was the first time I did it with precocious children only nine years of age. However, I am really thankful for the opportunity as it gave me a chance to really work those classroom management and voice projection skills. It was chaotic, it was noisy, it was loud, it was messy. And it was fun.

A few shots as evidence of the battlefield today:


I think working with children has its benefits (despite the lack of peace!) because they bring so much to the table. While they learned what went into their hand sanitizers, and how using natural products helps keep them healthier, I relearned how to relax, be in the moment and just forget about work woes.

It has been a really hard week, getting bad news from the workplace. Life goes on yes, but it does not mean that I have to be defeated. I can and I should be fighting back, if not, where is the meaning in anything? Thus, today's session has yet again reminded me of what is important in life, and where my values stand. I hope your weekend has started well, and the new week will be a great beginning too!