Going green

It has always been one of my objectives to go greener, and to be kinder to the environment. In Singapore, it isn't always easy, when the only way I have been taught is to reduce, reuse and recycle (SERIOUSLY, WHAT A TWO DIMENSIONAL CONCEPT) without big initiatives or education policies that direct all individuals. While every child is able to repeat the 3Rs mantra, practising it becomes somewhat difficult, made only worse with the recycling bins in every neighbourhood abused and mistakenly used for rubbish. 

I have attempted to reduce my waste through installing a small-scale recycling system in the kitchen. Every 2 weeks or so, my husband is tasked to carry down our accumulation of plastic and wine bottles. It isn't difficult, just set down to do it, and eventually, the habit will sink in. Even then, I realised that our household consumption of plastic bottles is getting too high, hence the visual reminders placed around the house, to bring along a Nalgene water bottle whenever we head out. 



Being a reader of sites such as Zero Waste Singapore , I have been trying to think of ways to tackle my household waste issue and one of the things I have decided to do is to take some of the glass/wine bottles that I have been putting in the recycling bin, and making them into vases around the kitchen and house. It is the simplest of DIY (can I even call it that) ideas, but nonetheless, increases the functional value of the item, and reducing one unit of waste on Earth. I hope that if you do want to start reducing waste, do not be daunted by the big projects you see. Start small, and the results will go a very long way. All the best!


Sake Bottle

A pretty ornament for my pretty cotton plant. 


Beer Bottle

Made more aesthetically pleasing using a Paper Vase Cover. Created by women in the Pardeshi community in Mumbai, India, as a part of the Tiny Miracles Foundation, a Netherlands-based charity,