Friends. Perfect Strangers.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the concept of friendship as well as the fate that kind of binds you with people you meet and interact with. There's a idea that has been going around about how you will lose most of your friends by the time you hit 30. Looking back, and evaluating my life, now that I have hit the big 3-0, I think that's pretty true.

In my teens, and early twenties, I used to be proud of the fact that my Friendster and subsequently, Facebook account had thousands of friends, many of whom left testimonials (ah, the good ol' days) and tagged photos, with ongoing conversations on the wall. I lived for that, I cherished every single private message and even saved some of the more special ones. It was the era where the value of your self-esteem was achieved through how many friends were made, how many pokes were exchanged and how many testimonials were written. 


But now, with the onslaught of work, and just being plain tired and jaded to do much else, getting my ass off to meet up with friends whom I have lost connection with has been pretty tough. Even the gold-star-bestest-buddy-platinum-level friends have been relegated to a schedule that only includes them once in a year, or bi-annually if we are lucky. It isn't for the lack of trying. Sometimes, it gets pretty difficult trying to work out a timing that suits everyone, and the friendship falls between the cracks. I am thus really grateful for the few groups that insist on monthly (god-forbid!) or bi-monthly gatherings, and the incessant chatter on Whatsapp.

So, at 30, it is safe to say that I have about 5-6 really tight-knit groups of friends (from church secondary school, junior college, university and my workplace) that have my back. And looking at it, having 5 to 6 groups is really lucky. If you had the chance to re-evaluate your friendships, who would make the cut? Who wouldn't? It is a great question to ponder upon.