As some of you might know, I still hold a full time job and this makes juggling my interest on the side, a little tougher. I think  it is enviable how there are many who have dived straight into making their concepts and passion work. I know that it is not easy, and that there will be many setbacks along the way, thus it makes it all the more difficult for me to pursue my DIY adventures on a full-time basis. 

Right now at this point, it is okay for me to fail when a lotion batch that I was experimenting on curdle, or not curdle. It is okay when things do not quite work out, and the nay-sayers tell me I told you so. It is also okay that I spend hundreds of dollars each month on the essential oils, ingredients and packaging, since I have my own back-up. 

Hence, I am very inspired by the Singaporean brands that have made it work, despite the owners having been indoctrinated from young with the idea that we have to be kiasu (scared of losing), and we have to ensure that our paths are already laid out for us. Our Singapore kiasuism features so prominently in our way of life, it is practically coursing through the very fiber of our being. To throw aside this school of thought and pursue my brand full time.. well, I'll get to it when it comes. 

Right now, my only wish is to hone my skills and increase the effectiveness of my recipes. Other than that, all things else... can wait. My wish for you is also to be able to do something that you love. After all, time is limited and precious.