Why natural?

This is a question that people have asked me, and on certain days, I have also questioned my personal choices. Doing DIY and the concept of simple simply do not go along.

All too often, I find myself having to check my supplies in the bathroom- is there enough sugar scrub for tonight? Will the hair serum require refilling? Must I make another batch of handwash for the common bathroom? If I think back about it, I used to spend 10 minutes at the store picking out items that I require pretty easily. With this DIY journey, I can spend at least half an hour each time mixing my little concoctions, with up to an hour needed for complex recipes. 

So back to the original question in the title. WHY?? I think I finally grew too tired of spending hundreds of my money on different products which targetted different symptoms, and when mixed together, may not produce the best results. My basic chemistry isn’t all that great already and to look at the myriad of ingredients and chemicals that go into every single one product is intellectually impossible pour moi. 

As I have shared in my previous post, I love the creation process and I love crafting, thus the hours spent in my lab-kitchen are made even more meaningful, especially knowing that my husband fully supports my decision. On a side note, I used to (overly) enjoy playing The Sims, and controlling every aspect of my Sim’s life- like when to go to the toilet, hoho! Hence, having that little bit more control of what is slathered on my face and body is extremely gratifying for me. Control>Time. Simple math.