Hello, and welcome.

Ah, it feels good to write again. Being able to do it here, reminds me of the times when I blogged almost every day, details down to the mundane. It was wordpress and blogspot then. When the posts were lost due to changes to the web hosts, I was devastated. Here's hoping that with this domain, everything will remain.

Well, that's me. Off on a tangent. The icon you just clicked on was (is) me on my wedding day three years ago. Even then, I was always in love with DIY and crafting. With the help of my lovely friend @knottedbows, we made the bouquets for my wedding, and the corsages for the groomsmen. I guess venturing into essential oils and beauty care seemed the next step, especially when my sensitive skin always flared up with a change in the environment. I was introduced to Young Living by my awesome friend and colleague @un.masque and have since explored the realms of Wild Products Singapore and Aura Cacia. 

I just wanted to welcome you, the reader, to my humble blog with this really short post. To also lessen any confusion, I’m the wife, Carol, of the husband and wife team. I create. The husband provides logistical and marketing advice, as well as the occasional muscle.  

To end off, here's one super simple way that I have incorporated essential oils into my everyday routine.

Peppermint massage recipe