Business is slowly picking up at a pace that we are currently comfortable with. It has been an exciting October with some of the projects that we have been involved in, so the Universe is really showing us signs that we are on the right track.

The beginning of October saw us conducting our first workshop at our newest gig- Itchy Fingers! The location was bee-you-tee-full and they really live up to their name as a platform provider that brings the crafter community closer. On the other hand, my experience at Naiise was not as, well, nice. But I shan’t dwell on that. In addition, we were approached to become sponsors for a non-profit organisation-Playeum which C was super proud of, as it is the direction that she wants to bring the brand towards- central focus on sustainability with a swig of social-entrepreneurship. Lastly, we ended off October with a bang- a corporate partnership with honestbee’s latest launch. The experience was great because we have never conducted a workshop for 60 odd pax with their family members hovering around, with a whooping 4 hours duration. The team had fun but were realllllllly tired at the end of the day.

But this isn’t the end of our 2018 journey. November and December will be our busiest months yet, with the upcoming collaboration with Playeum, ongoing workshop sessions with Itchy Fingers as well as something more international in December, with our flea markets.

We would like to make use of this opportunity to thank you for your support. By signing up for our workshops or popping by at one of our fleas, you have made our brand’s journey a lot easier. Till then!


Source: burst.shopify.com